Oasis Paradiso
Forget about time, stress and worries

World of total relaxation


Treat yourself to a break from your obligations and detoxify and rejuvenate your body. Discover the intimate Oasis Paradiso with eight different saunas, later find relaxation in the thermal FKK pool (indoor and outdoor pool) with an intimate igloo, many comfortable rest areas; on sunny days, enjoy the nudist terrace.

Working time

Monday – Friday: 12am – 10pm

Saturday, Sunday: 12am – 10pm

Notices for visitors

The summer sauna season begins on Thursday, June 27, 2024. You can pamper yourself in 5 different saunas, while the forest, steam and salt-herb sauna remain closed during the summer.

Eight different saunas

for a healthy body and mind

The sauna is designed to relax and cleanse both body and mind. With regular use of the sauna, at least twice a week, the healing effects only intensify. Sauna strengthens the immune system and limits the reproduction of viruses, as harmful and useless products in the body are removed by sweating.

A visit to the sauna relaxes the muscles and offers the body regeneration. Above all, it helps to clean our skin and eliminate skin diseases, and it also prevents the formation of cellulite.

In Oasis Paradiso there are eight different luxury saunas, a cold pool, an indoor-outdoor FKK thermal pool with an igloo and a nudist beach next to the pool. The water temperature of the FKK pool is between 29°C and 32°C.

When you buy a ticket for Oaza Paradiso, you receive a bag with a towel, and it is also possible to rent a bathrobe. You can rest and relax on deckchairs and water beds with relaxing music. When you rent a ticket for Oaza Paradiso, you also have access to the thermal pools in the Terme Paradiso complex.

Chrome finnish sauna


Chromotherapy using colored light or color energy re-establishes the balance of body and spirit.

With chromotherapy, we relieve problems with various allergies, bruises, eczema and psoriasis, digestive problems (bloating), raise the level of concentration and relieve seasonal depression.

The temperature in the chrome Finnish sauna reaches up to 90°C, and the humidity is around 15 %.

Forest sauna

outdoor finnish sauna

The outdoor Finnish forest sauna is located in a grove next to the FKK pool and it also uses air swirling, which accelerates perspiration and cleans the pores.

The air in the room is very dry – the relative humidity does not exceed 10 %, and the temperature ranges up to 85°C. It has a beneficial effect on the body, as well as the overall psychophysical well-being.

The positive effects of the Finnish sauna are manifested in accelerated metabolism, muscle relaxation, strengthening of the heart and blood vessels, elimination of skin diseases, prevention of cellulite, and stress relief.

It is recommended that one visit lasts from 5-30 minutes, with at least a 15-minute break in between.

Chocolate sauna

sweet chocolate

The chocolate sauna creates an extremely relaxing climate, and at the same time cleans the respiratory tract, strengthens the flow of lymph and blood in the body, relaxes muscle tension, and the skin becomes supple and soft. It offers programs with chocolate, mud and algae therapy.

The temperature in the chocolate sauna reaches 43°C, humidity up to 80 %.

Hammam sauna

steam or turkish sauna

A steam or Turkish sauna is ideal for overheating the body, and it also has a positive effect on the skin and respiratory system. In it, we carry out a hammam program (opens the pores and cleans the skin) and salt therapy (rubbing salt into the skin acts as an exfoliant, which removes dead cells from the skin, nourishes the skin surface and restores its smooth appearance).

The temperature reaches up to 48°C, humidity up to 50 %.

Salt-herbal sauna


The specialty of the salt-herb sauna is the aromatic herbs that open the pores and clean the respiratory tract.

The temperature in the sauna is between 40-50°C, and the humidity is between 55-65 %.

Bio panoramska savnaamic sauna

sauna with the view

The bio panoramic sauna is absolutely perfect for purifying the body and relaxing the muscles. The panoramic view of the outdoor water park is particularly charming.

The temperature reaches up to 60°C, and the humidity ranges from 40-55 %.

Steam sauna

turkish sauna

A steam, wet or Turkish sauna is extremely effective in cleaning the skin and opening the skin pores, in relaxing the muscles and detoxifying the body.

The temperature varies between 40 – 45°C, and the humidity in the sauna is between 45 – 65 %.

Infrared sauna

deep action

The infrared sauna is a milder sauna that is suitable for relaxation, but you can also enjoy it if you suffer from heart problems. IR sauna heaters emit energy that penetrates up to 4 cm into body tissue. The IR sauna thus ensures an increase in temperature in the central part of the body. As a result, circulation, blood flow and muscle regeneration are improved.

The temperature in the infrared sauna is between 40-60°C, and the air humidity is up to 35 %.