Terms and conditions

Prices are valid for the current year. Prices include VAT and are in euros. Terme Paradiso, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p. reserve the right to change prices and package contents.

Accommodation and services can be booked by phone, e-mail or regular post. For booking accommodation, the guest receives an offer based on which he familiarizes himself with the content of the package or service and with the general terms and conditions of business. After receiving the advance payment, the guest receives a confirmation of the reservation and an advance invoice.

Check-in to the hotel is possible upon presentation of a valid identity card, passport or driver’s license. The reception informs you about all important information.

The guest has the right to cancel the reservation. Reservations or services paid in advance can be canceled no later than 5 days before arrival, with the date of cancellation being considered, and the amount of the advance can be used for services in any unit of Terme Paradiso, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p. in the current year. In case of later cancellation of the reservation, we reserve the right to reimburse costs and retain the entire advance payment. In the event of a declared epidemic or state of emergency in the Republic of Slovenia, the booked service will be canceled and postponed to a later date, and the paid advance will be used to confirm a new reservation or for services in any unit of Terme Paradiso, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p. in the current year. In case of cancellation of the online reservation less than 5 days before arrival or if the guest does not show up at the facility on the day of the agreed arrival, the company will charge the guest 50% of the value of the reservation. In order to guarantee the reservation, it is mandatory to provide credit card information or make a prepayment of 50% of the reservation value through the online payment system. In case of early departure, the hotel reserves the right to charge a penalty of 100% of the remaining stay.

The Act on the Promotion of Tourism Development stipulates that the tourist tax is paid by citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and foreigners who use accommodation services in a tourist area outside of their permanent residence. Persons who are exempted from the tourist tax must present appropriate documents when checking in to the hotel.

Children up to 5.99 years old stay for free – when they share a bed with their parents. We offer the option of renting a baby cot in the room, for which an additional payment of €10.00/night is required. Children from 6 to 15.99 years who stay in a room with their parents and need an extra bed, an additional payment of €5.00/night is required. The provider reserves the right to determine the rules up to which age a child cannot share a double bed with their parents.

The rooms can be occupied after 2:00 p.m., but in the case of an increased volume of work, the hotel reserves the right to change the occupancy of the rooms. On the day of departure, the rooms are available to guests until 10:00 a.m. If the guest does not leave the room by 10:00 a.m., he will be charged for late departure from the room in the amount according to the valid regular price list.

The overnight stay of persons who are not registered in the hotel is not allowed. If a violation is found, the person will be charged for a night’s stay according to the regular price list. Smoking is not allowed in hotel rooms, annex rooms, glamping houses and other closed spaces. The terrace at the hotel restaurant and pool bar and the terrace at OasisParadiso, which is open in the summer, are intended for smokers. Smoking is also allowed on the terrace of the Restaurant and pizzeria Valentina. The use of your own heating and cooking appliances is prohibited due to fire safety. Pets are allowed in Superior Hotel 4* and in Honey Glamping Paradise Resort, provided they do not exceed 5 kg. Pets are not allowed in annex rooms. If it is determined that the pet is in the annex, we will be forced to move you to the hotel upon availability, at the prices that apply to the hotel part with an additional charge for pets according to the regular price list. Entry to the main hotel restaurant and the Restaurant and pizzeria Valentina is only possible in appropriate clothing. The hotel bar is accessible only to hotel and pool guests. For external guests who do not use the services of Terme Paradiso, Restaurant and pizzeria Valentina is available.

Guests’ personal belongings can be stored in hotel room safes. The use of the safes is at your own risk, the hotel does not assume responsibility for things stored in the safes. The hotel does not assume responsibility for guests’ belongings in hotel rooms and other areas that are part of Terme Paradiso.

Meals in the hotel restaurant are buffet style. If there are less than 15 meals ordered, two menus (meat and fish) are prepared for dinner. Exchange of dinner for lunch is possible. Dinner must be canceled in advance, namely by 4 p.m. If the meal was not canceled on time, the service is considered to have been provided and will be charged in accordance with the regular price list. Taking away food from the hotel restaurant is not allowed.

In the swimming pool complex and Oasis Paradiso, guests of the hotel and day visitors have sunbeds available free of charge, the reservation of which is not allowed. Guests are obliged to follow the bathing rules.

In the 4* hotel rooms, towels and bathrobes are available throughout your stay in Terme Paradiso. Towels are available at Honey Glamping Paradise Resort and Depandance Paradiso. Bring towels with you for bathing, as those in the room are only intended for use in the room, annex or glamping resort. Changing towels and bathrobes is possible every 3rd day of stay, as Terme Paradiso is sustainable. Towels and bathrobes must remain in the room after checking out of the hotel room, glamping house or annex, otherwise we will charge the guest according to the regular price list. If you would like a lasting memory of Terme Paradiso at home, you can buy towels and bathrobes at the hotel reception at the regular price. To use towels and bathrobes after checking out from the accommodation, you will receive daily rental towels on your wristband at the pool reception when you register the service rental at the valid regular price list. When you leave the pool complex and provided that you have returned all towels to the pool reception, the service rental record on the wristband will be deleted.

In accordance with the annual maintenance and cleaning plan of the swimming pool complex, Terme Paradiso publishes the schedule of activities on the website in a timely manner.

The guest is responsible for damage caused to the premises, devices, equipment and inventory. It is not allowed to take the inventory out of the Terme Paradiso complex. If damage is found in the room or in the complex, we will have to charge you for the found damage according to the valid regular price list. In the case of serious violations of destruction of the inventory and damage to the room, we reserve the right to reimburse the costs in the price of the entire booked arrangement, additional payment for renovating the room to its original condition in the amount of €150.00, and to early termination of the arrangement.

ONLINE SHOP The business conditions are published in the Term Paradiso online store, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p.

Orders can be placed by phone, e-mail or online store. The validity of the gift voucher and pre-sale swimmin tickets is 1 year, and the validity of the value gift card is 1.5 years from the date of purchase. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. The loyalty card is not valid for pre-sale purchases of gift vouchers, value gift cards and pre-sale tickets.

The loyalty card is valid in the entire Terme Paradiso complex (hotel, swimming complex, oasis, Restaurant and pizzeria Valentina). With each payment, the loyalty card must be presented at the cashier before payment. It is not possible to register a purchase later, nor can you use the discounts later. The amount on the loyalty card can be redeemed within 1 year of the loaded amount. The loyalty card is not valid for the purchase of gift vouchers. The company Terme Paradiso has the right to unilaterally change the general conditions of business, and the change must not be essential for the contractual relationship.

Guests can forward compliments, suggestions and complaints to the hotel reception or inform the responsible person in verbal or written form, to which a competent person from the hotel will respond. In the event that the guest submits a complaint after leaving the hotel, and the error or irregularity could be resolved during the guest’s stay, it is considered that the guest has agreed to the error or irregularity.

Upon departure from the hotel, you will receive an invoice for your stay and additional services. Before issuing the invoice, the reception must be informed about the method of payment and, in the case of an invoice to a company name, the correct information about the company for issuing the invoice must be provided. We kindly ask you to check the bill at the reception immediately after check-out. We do not consider later complaints.

Terme Paradiso, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p., will carefully protect the personal data obtained via e-mail, telephone, inquiry form and subscription to online e-newsletters or in the online store in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals in the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and other Slovenian and European legislation (EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In doing so, Terme Paradiso undertakes not to forward data to third parties or companies with the aim of commercial exploitation of personal data data. The visitor to Terme Paradiso voluntarily provides his personal data and allows his personal data to be collected, used, processed and stored. The personal data that you provide to us at the time of booking and that are in accordance with the company’s legal operations are necessary for the processing of your order, for direct marketing purposes and for the communication of general matters. By accepting the offer and providing personal data via phone, e-mail, reservation form or website, the visitor is deemed to agree that Terme Paradiso, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p. uses this data exclusively and only for internal needs and data processing within the scope of its legitimate business, namely to confirm reservations, communicate with customers, do marketing, direct marketing, inform about benefits and news, and send e-news. The company can store and use the visitor’s personal data indefinitely. If the visitor does not want this, a statement about it can be written at any time and contact Terme Paradiso directly. Terme Paradiso enables anyone who has entrusted their personal data to request that all or some of your personal data cease to be used at any time in an agreed manner. Every user or visitor of Terme Paradiso has the right to view, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete personal data relating to him. When using your rights or obtaining information, please contact our authorized person, who is available at info@paradiso.si. Your application will be processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The manager of your data is Terme Paradiso, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p., Selska cesta 15b, 8257 Dobova.

All information and materials on the website www.paradiso.si are informative. We do not assume any legal responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the published data relating to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, product or procedure described. Terme Paradiso, nor any other legal or physical person who participated in the creation and production of this website, is not responsible for any damage that may arise from the access, use or impossibility of using the information on these websites or for any errors or deficiencies in their content. Terme Paradiso is not responsible for damages (including those caused by viruses) to computer equipment, mobile phones or any other application that can be accessed on the website www.paradiso.si, as a result of the user’s visit

Information or documents published on the Terme Paradiso website may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, and copyright and other rights must be strictly stated. Copying is not permitted, nor is reproduction and distribution for commercial purposes permitted. Terme Paradiso, Cvetkovič Marjan, s.p. reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time, without prior warning or explanation of the reason for the changes. Terme Paradiso does not accept responsibility for the possible consequences of the mentioned changes.