Activities and surroundings
Discover and experience the wonderful surroundings of Posavje


one step at a time

Terme Paradiso is located in the village of Dobovi, which, with its location, provides a starting point for various hiking trips. You can take a short walk around the village itself and see its beautiful green surroundings. Quiet roads and sidewalks take you through the entire village and on a stroll through the nearby villages, which is a safe starting point for both families and seniors. In the surrounding area, you can go on several different organized and paved hiking trails.

A suggestion

Čatež’s energy path to the Church of the Saint Vid


let the journey begin

Terme Paradiso is the perfect starting point for getting to know green Posavje by bike. The routes are suitable for both amateur and more demanding cyclists as well as those seeking adrenaline.

In the immediate vicinity (100 meters away) there is a bicycle path that takes you all the way from Dobova to Brežice. On the way, cycle to the village of Mostec, where you can see the birthplace of dr. Jože Toporišič, Slovenian linguist and author of the first Slovenian grammar. You can easily explore Brežice by bike or follow countless routes to various attractions.

A suggestion

Following the tracks of animals (starting point Terme Paradiso)

Family trips

create the best memories

The most beautiful moments are those we spend with our loved ones. Terme Paradiso and its surroundings offer you countless possibilities for where to go with your family. Already in Dobova itself, you have the opportunity to visit the Polovič Hunting Museum, where you can see animals of the African wilderness, Slovenian forests and the North American steppe.

In the village of Mostec, you can take a unique preserved boat across the Sava River to Terme Čatež and back. There are also rapids on the Sava River in the immediate vicinity of the boat, where you can take a photo or two and create memories forever.

A suggestion

Boat ride across the Sava, Alpaca tour of the Pepito ranch and friends